1 Gallon Copper Split-Top Still

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Making moonshine is not something that died off when the prohibition ended. People have been making their own alcohol ever since, and it is really a craft and art form that takes years to master. One thing is certain, you can't make the perfect moonshine without the right materials to do it. A copper still as a necessary part of perfecting your drink and your taste buds will thank you after you realize what a compliment this still is to your craft.


  • 100% Copper Construction
  • Near 1mm thickness!
  • Lead Free Sodder
  • Great Decoration item
  • Functional Moonshine Still- Can be used to make moonshine, gin, whiskey, vodka & MORE!
  • Built in thermometer, added at ZERO cost- A $30 value
  • Column design increases purity for stronger spirits
  • Design enables quick batch turn around for faster brewing

Because all of our units are hand made, specific volumes or dimensions cannot be guaranteed.