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Perfect for easy cleaning of stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze, steel, chrome, anodized metals, coated metal surfaces. The cleaner requires no hard rubbing. Just pour one or two drops on a soft cloth. Pass lightly over the entire surface and let it dry. Then give brightness with a dry cloth. Depending on the severity of the cleaning job, you may need to try additional applications of the Expolitus cleaner.

Either way, with each application the surface does not have to be scrubbed nor have pressure applied to the area to be cleaned. The cleaner will do the work. It removes hard water stains fast! This cleaner has zero particles in suspension. It leaves no residue of any kind.

Observe proper usage and handling. Use extreme caution when handling. Always wear chemical gloves, goggles and other personal protective equipment.

DO NOT allow exposure through inhalation, ingestion, and eye or skin contact. Take the time to READ instruction and product label. Keep away from children. Read MSDS for hazards.