2.5 Gallon Copper Split-Top Still NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!

$499.00 $550.00

The 2.5 Gallon Split-top is all handcrafted and is about 1mm thick. This copper still split-top is a unique gift for anyone! It's great for making moonshine or any kind of alcohol, like rum and whiskey. It's construction is 100% lead-free. it looks great as a centerpiece. This still is a great middle point if you are trying to decide if the 5 gallon pot still, or moving over to the split-top system. 


100% Copper Construction

Lead Free Sodder

Great Decoration item

Functional Moonshine Still- Can be used to make moonshine, gin, whiskey, vodka $ MORE!

Built in thermometer, added FREE! - A $30 value

Column design increases purity for stronger spirits

Near 1mm thickness!

Design enables quick batch turn around for faster brewing



Because all of our units are hand made, specific volumes or dimensions cannot be guaranteed.

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