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The Copper Still Company

5 Gallon Copper Pot Still NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Whether your taste buds scream for apple cinnamon, peach, or all-natural, a copper still is what you need to make your favorite moonshine recipe. Our five gallon copper pots hold little resemblance to the Appalachian stills used in years past. They are hand-crafted, alcohol-producing machines of the highest quality. On a warm summer evening, your homemade moonshine will entice friends to take a sip and pass it around. Let the party begin because of you. Our 5 gallon still is our most popular stills, its a great value and the size makes it easy to use indoors and out!


Hand crafted 5 gallon still. For those who are getting serious about their distilling

Handmade by expert craftsmen

Can be used to make moonshine, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and much more!

100% lead free construction

Near 1mm thickness

All of our stills come with a built in thermometer, FREE

This is our most popular model. A great compromise between size and ease of use!


*Because these products are handmade, dimensions and volumes may vary.





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