5 Gallon Copper Split-Top Still

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Our five gallon split top pot still is our best valued split-top still. This still is able to produce a large amount of alcohol, at a higher purity than it's pot style brethren and is still able to offer the convenience of stove top distilling. The split-top design allows for the alcohol to condense inside of the stem allowing for stronger batch.. This copper pot still is able to produce large batches of moonshine that can be consumed right away, or can be aged into different kinds of alcohols.


  • 100% Copper Construction
  • Lead Free Sodder
  • Great Decoration item
  • Functional Moonshine Still- Can be used to make moonshine, gin, whiskey, vodka $ MORE!
  • Built in thermometer, added FREE!! - A $30 value
  • Column design increases purity for stronger spirits
  • Design enables quick batch turn around for faster brewing

Because all of our units are hand made, specific volumes or dimensions cannot be guaranteed.