Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q.Is it legal to own one of your premium copper stills?

1.A. It is legal to own a copper still in the United States. And it is legal to use the still for the production of essential oils. However the production of spirits (or moonshine) is illegal without a BATF permit. 


2.Q. What Size copper still is right for me?


     1 gallon copper moonshine still requires the least amount of space to set up and also returns the least amount of product because of it's small size. It also has the most decoration options.

     2.5 gallon is a step up in all ways. A higher production amount and still requires a small amount of space to set up, and is quite the eye catcher.

     5 gallon is by far our most popular unit. A nice compromise between portability, production amount, and set up size. If you're not sure what you what to do, this is the best choice.

     10 gallon! There isn't much to say except it is a beautiful piece that requires a decent set up space, but is definitely worth the space. The output on this is awesome.

3.Q. Can you tell me how to make moonshine?

3.A. Unfortunately I cannot without proof of BATF permit

4.Q. Can you explain your warranty

5.A. Of Course! We offer a 60 day 110% money back guarantee on all of our copper stills. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will refund your purchase for 110%! That's why we call it out "No Hassle, No Worries Guarantee."

6.Q. Do you have any damaged units I can purchase for a discount?

6.A. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your position) we rarely have any issue with our stills arriving dented. However sometimes the mailman can get a bet over zealous and some copper stills get returned to us. When that does happen we list them as a special category under our catalog page. So if you are looking for a great deal, check back often! You can also email us at sales@copper-still.net and we can add you to an email list or use our contact form, so when we get one we can let you know first thing...they go fast!

7.Q. Is distilling dangerous?

7.A. All our alembics are manufactured in accordance with safety and security measures. The enticing art of distillation however may involve some risks which may be minimized by paying close attention and following basic distillation rules. Fire is the greatest risk due to the proximity of flammible liquids to heat. It is best to distill in an area that lowers the risk of accident (garage, outside, etc) however if you must distill inside, we recommend all safety precautions are taken. Also if there is an obstruction in the tubing of the alembic there may be some pressure build-up. Don't overlook all these factors. 

8.Q. Can you ship to PO Boxes?

8.A. Unfortunately we cannot. The units get damaged when the post office tries to hammer them into the boxes :)