Cleaning & Maintaining Copper Stills


After you first receive your premium copper still from us, we suggest that you run a batch of only water, to clean up any of the impurity that are a result of the still being made. After that, it is vital to properly care for your copper still. Doing this will insure that your copper still will last for many years.


Occasion Use

Using your copper still once a year or less, you should always make sure that it is properly cleaning before putting it away for the next use. Cleaning your copper still will eliminate acids that collect on the walls. What we encourage is filling your pot with five percent rye flour and  and forty percent water and run a standard distillation, making sure there are no blockages in the neck and cooling coil.


Heavy Use

If you use your still more frequently, like every other month or more, you do not need to run a batch with rye. A single batch with only forty percent water will be sufficient to clean your copper still time to time.


When you use your regularly, the copper will oxidize and will slowly turn color to a dark red color. If you want to polish your copper still, always use the appropriate non-toxic & non-abrasive polish. For the DIY'er you can use ash from a wood fire rubbed with a slightly wet rag, or use a mixture of salt and lemon.

Essential Oils

If you are using your copper still to make essential oils, be attentive that the oils will form a residue that can form a sticky crust inside the walls and coil. Always clean your copper still with warm water, particularly in the coils.