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The Copper Still Company

I love the still

I love the still, but the cooling coil bucket had a small leak that I needed to solder. It had a small leak that was easily fixed. I ran water through the system twice, but still had some small black particals that came through on my first run. Overall a good product but some more in house testing would assure the small defects are taken care of before products are shipped. -Ryan

Written by — April 24, 2014

Needs a thumper

I am absolutely pleased with this Still. Beautiful craftsmanship. The only thing I wish it had was a thumper. The coil in the worm is a little short, as so it heats up the cold water/ice to quickly. If it had a bit more coils in the worm and a thumper I think this product would be unbeatable. - Steve E

Written by — March 11, 2014


Very happy with it (5 gallon copper still), nice quality. - Giacomo


Written by — February 27, 2014

fantastic still

Fed Ex dropped off the package today. Build quality looks exceptional still and shipping was fast.  Joe- Beaumont, TX

Written by — October 10, 2013

built awesome

Got the 5 gallon. built well and delivered timely. Thanks. Steve- Salem, OR

Written by — September 25, 2013

Corrected shipping

I had a problem with shipping (put in a typo) and they were able to fix it fast and get it to the right adress. Wanted to let people know. Thanks. Terry- Federal Way

Written by — September 21, 2013


5 gallon arrived today. just as expectd. thanks for the fast shipping

Written by — September 18, 2013

Great still

Just wanted to say I love the still. Ordered on tuesday and got it today. fast shipping! Quality of the still is top notch!- Tim, Hamburg, PA

Written by — September 12, 2013

Got the package today

I wanted to update and say I got my copper still this morning. No dents or dings. Thanks- Matt, Sumner WA

Written by — September 09, 2013


Ordered a 1 gallon.its gonna look great in my bar.cant wait to try it out

Written by — September 04, 2013

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