Winter Holidays Are Upon Us! December 17 2017, 0 Comments

Every year I am always amazed just how quickly the year goes by! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the New Year, and here we are once again. Luckily for you now is the best time to start making your very own whiskey, bourbon, and other moonshine products. I will also mention our stills are also fantastic at making essential oils as well. With these oils getting more and more popular, wouldn't it be amazing to make your own? Next time you go to a "favorite things" party you can say your homemade essential oils are your favorite. 


Either way at The Copper Still Company wishes everyone the merriest of winter holidays and the start of an Amazing New Year.

P.S. You should probably start 2018 with some moonshine made in our stills to get it off on the right foot.