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Spring Time Recipes for Success February 23 2018, 0 Comments

As our thoughts turn from snow and holidays, to spring time and garden parties, let us not forget how important whiskey and bourbon can really make your early spring brighten. Impress your friends and neighbors at your first garden party with your homemade whiskey. Imagine the curious faces when you mix something up using your very own moonshine. 


Now is the time to buy on of our amazon copper stills so that you can be the heart of the party with an amazing batch of gin or vodka. So buy one now and never look back!



Christmas Already!?! September 18 2015, 0 Comments

While walking through Costco the other day I was flooring to see Christmas tree already for sale! After rounding the corner I saw Christmas toys and wrapping paper too. 

Well if Costco says it's time to start talking about the upcoming holiday season, then far be it from me to argue. 

So cross off those hard to shop for people with an amazing copper still from us! I guarantee that if you buy someone a 5 gallon copper still, not only will they be amazed at such an awesome gift, everyone else will be green with jealousy. 


Or... buy yourself a copper still now, and give the gift of homemade whiskey, that is a win - win situation if I ever heard it!


Thanks again,

Jason & The Copper Still Company

Fathers Day...the easiest gift May 16 2015, 0 Comments

What to give the person that has everything or wants nothing? Well this one is pretty obvious, give him the ability to make his own whiskey! With one of our copper stills, there is no doubt you'll be the winner this Fathers Day with the most amazing gift. Imagine the look of jealousy from your siblings when they realize what it looks like when dad actually likes a gift...and it's from you!

Like I always say, give the gift of whiskey! Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas, Bar Mitzvah...the list goes on and on for great holidays to buy one of our moonshine stills.

Mothers Day May 05 2015, 0 Comments

What better present to give you Mother or wife than a beautiful copper still! I know what you're thinking " a copper still for my wife...she'll kill me!" 

Let think it through, you get to buy the special woman in your life a beautiful house decorating item, that is both unique and amazing. How impressed will she be that you thought about her and bought her a hand made copper still.

Now wait a month, and you can start using it to make your very own whiskey with the moonshine still you bought her! Genius if you as me. She gets a gift that is sure to wow her friends, and you get whiskey, truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

So this Mother's Day don't forget the best place for a truly special Mother's Day gift, The Copper Still Company



Spring Is Here...for some March 27 2015, 0 Comments

Now that the weather is getting warmer for some, it is the time to starting brewing your own concoctions. Can you imagine a better time than to be sitting out by a fire, drinking home made whiskey with your friends? I sure can't! So don't wait, buy one of our top quality copper stills and impress your friends with amazing moonshine.


Looking for the Perfect Valentines Day Gift? February 05 2015, 0 Comments

Look no further than an amazing still from The Copper Still Company! Your Husband, boyfriend, or any SO will be amazed at this one of a kind gift. And if you don't have someone this holiday, buy one for the extra special person that has really earned it...YOU! All of our stills look amazing and can be used to make a variety of spirits. And isn't that what any man REALLY wants, to have unlimited whiskey? I know I do!

Have a very happy Valentines Day!


Can our stills be used for Essential Oils? July 11 2014, 0 Comments

We've had a lot of interest lately from customers asking about essential oils, and whether our moonshine stills are suited for it. Our answer to that is a resounding YES!  

Both models can be used to make all sorts of essential oils. The split-top is a little better because you can keep your materials out of the water, and pack it fuller.

We'll be doing a write up on how to make essential oils in the following days, so stay tuned.

Our Antiquated Distilling Laws June 10 2014, 0 Comments

Prohibition Era Distilling Laws

The prohibition was a time when the law was more harmful than helpful. When the prohibition on alcohol was finally lifted, Federal law still refused to let go all the way and instead kept the distilling of liquor for personal consumption illegal, even though the making of beer and wine for personal use is fully legal as well as distilling spirits for fuel. If that sounds a bit illogical to you, you’re not alone. Let’s go back to a simpler time when the government decided to place blame somewhere for all of America’s problems, and that blame was placed on liquor. During the prohibition throughout the 1920s into the 30s the United States outlawed the manufacturing storage and transportation of alcohol. 

The Government's Brilliant Idea

Outlawing liquor turned out to be more dangerous than helpful. You see, when people can’t get ahold of what they want, they find a way to make it themselves. What transgressed was moonshine, a drink created from several illegal liquor manufacturing operations done outside the knowledge of the law. These people were known as moonshiners or bootleggers, and once they started to share their product with their neighbors their operation just grew. The danger came when demand far outweighed supply and access to the ingredients necessary to make the drinks became increasingly smaller. The bootleggers started focusing on quantity rather than quality. This resulted in horrible ingredients being used like antifreeze, manure, and other dangerous items, which in turn resulted in illnesses, poisoning, blindness, and even death. Crime rates also sky rocketed with mobsters and other organizations realized they could have a hold on this illegal operation.  When the Government finally pulled its head out and realized that prohibiting strong drinks was more dangerous than allowing them they finally lifted the ban with the 21st Amendment, repealing the laws previously enacted. However the Government, being the controlling power it is, refused to let go all the way and still made it illegal to distill liquor for personal use, even though beer and wine was allowed. Maybe this was because the government still felt like liquor was more harmful, or maybe it was simply to exercise its power. Whatever the reasons was here we are, nearly a century later, and this ban still exists. 

The Regulations Today

Today there are many States that have their own laws on liquor and impose their own taxes, but when you break these laws you usually only face a misdemeanor. But the federal government still imposes harsh penalties for anyone it finds making liquor out of their home. If there is a law that was put into place decades ago, which has been proven time and time again to be ineffective, you would think it would have been changed by now, yet it hasn’t. Since the 1920s women have gained the right to vote, people stopped getting prosecuted for teaching evolution, and schools are desegregated. But don’t even think of making your own liquor because you might face the wrath of the United States Government.  There is hope for our future though. New Jersey just passed a law to reduce the regulations of its distilling industry. The rest of the country will be now watching, and when New Jersey shows great success with these changes maybe other states will follow and show the Federal Government that a new century should not keep the useless laws of the old one.




International Shipping February 10 2014, 0 Comments

Hey everybody. We're excited to announce that we will now be offering international shipping on all of our copper stills! Because of the difference is sizes and regulations, we'll have to give quotes individually. So if you're interested in owning one of our fine copper stills, just contact us. Either send us an email at, or use our contact page. It is definitely up to you to research your local laws.


Thanks to all of our customers for making us the best copper still company!





~SALE~ 10 Gallon Copper Still January 25 2014, 1 Comment

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we do have a slightly dented 10 gallon still in stock. UPS can get a little over zealous, so we sent the customer a new one and we'll sell this one at a great price. If you're interested send me an email and I can send photos to show the slight damage.