Apple Jack Wine October 25 2013, 1 Comment

I just stumbled onto a great sounding recipe for Apple Jack Wine.

 4 lbs brown sugar to every gallon of cider.

And a half gallon of water.

So say you have 4 gallons of apple cider, you would need 16 lbs brown sugar and 2 gallons of water. I use a 5 gal glass carboy to ferment in buy if you had to you could use gallon plastic jugs all with fermentation locks on them. So recipe goes heat the apple cider, brown sugar, and water. Heat slowly start on low and work up. It needs to come to about 90 degrees ( or whatever the yeast says the temp must be to activate it. I use wine yeast you can get at your local home brew shop. The yeast comes refrigerated and keep it chilled before use. So once your cider, sugar and water mixture is up to temp, let cool down to temp if need be and stir the wine yeast in. Then carefully pour into fermentation vessel and put lock on. Be very careful not to contaminate the batch any bacteria could kill the yeast wash hands frequently and all vessels should be sanitized. It should ferment for 4 weeks. After that i put pour it into gallon jugs only 3/4 full. And freeze. It might take 2 days to see it start to freeze but then i figured out a really good way to seperate the ice that forms more like slush from the apple jack. I used a salad spinner colander. It works like a charm. Anyways keep freezing and strainin ice off untill it does not freeze anymore. And there you have it freeze distilled apple wine. Enjoy


All credit goes to Kris Baird on google+. Keep up the good work man!