Cleaning & Maintenance PT 1

The first time you use your still we recommend that you use just water to clean any impurities that can collect during construction and shipping of your copper moonshine still. Once that is done it can be used. Like any fine copper items, if cleaned and maintained correctly, it can last a life time.

If you use the still just once a year you must make sure to clean it before putting it away until the next year's distillation. This is how to do it in Europe after the grape harvest. Cleaning will get rid of harmful substances that may accumulate and be deposited on the walls of the still, from the pot to the coil. An easy cleaning agent is a mix of water and rye flour. Fill the still with about 5% rye and 40 % water to the stills capacity i.e. 5 gallon copper moonshine still should have a little under 2.5 gallons of cleaning agent. Before performing a cleaning disilation, double check that the neck and coil are not blocked.

I'll write up the next section of cleaning an maintenance tomorrow perhaps.


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