Right Size Copper Still

We've gotten a lot of emails the last couple weeks asking what the right size for them is and general questions that come with still ownership. We sat down and decided to put together a frequently asked questions page to answer...well the frequently asked questions. 

For now here are my opinions on what size is best.

Our 1 gallon copper moonshine still requires the least amount of space to set up and also returns the least amount of product because of it's small size. It also has the most decoration options.

Our 2.5 gallon is a step up in all ways. A higher production amount and still requires a small amount of space to set up, and is quite the eye catcher.

Our 5 gallon is by far our most popular unit. A nice compromise between portability, production amount, and set up size. If you're not sure what you what to do, this is the best choice.

The 10 gallon! There isn't much to say except it is a beautiful piece that requires a decent set up space, but is definitely worth the space. The output on this is awesome.

And as always if you have any special requests for a size just contact us and we can work it out!



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