Apple Brandy Recipe

Hey everyone! Thought you might appreciate this recipe on how to make your own delicious apple brandy using our great copper stills.

1) If you have your own apple trees, use the ripest apples, the same applies if you are buying from the store. You might ty to find a co-op to or pick-your-own type farm..

2) Press the apples to get as much of the juice as possible. if you have a commercial juicer that may work as well.

3) Place this cider in a fermentation tank for 6-12 days depending on weather.I recommend a glass carboy that you would use for beer or wine. Check on the cider often, the fermenting will be finished when you don't hear or see bubbles when you place a stick into the cider. Your cider is ready to be distilled using one of our premium copper stills.

4)Fill the copper still to about 40% of it's capacity with boiling water, then add the cider.

All of our copper stills can be used to make apple brandy. 




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