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The Copper Still Company

Copper Pot Moonshine Stills

Our current selection of superior copper moonshine stills. All of our stills include FREE Shipping and have a thermometer built in at ZERO COST!! Order now for the worlds best copper still!


Can our stills be used for Essential Oils?

We've had a lot of interest lately from customers asking about essential oils, and whether our moonshine stills are suited for it. Our answer to that is a resounding YES!  ...

Automatic Shipping Calculation to Canada is HERE!

Hey everyone, I have fantastic news! Shipping calculation for all of our great Canadian fans is here. If you're a neighbor to our north, and want one of our fine...

Shipping to Canada

Hey everyone, just wanted you give you all an update on automatic shipping costs for our great Canadian customers. We are very close! Right now we have some debugging to...