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The Copper Still Company

Copper Pot Moonshine Stills

Welcome to The Copper Still Company! We provide the highest quality stills on the market today. We provide traditional copper stills in the traditional pot style as well as a unique split-top system for higher purity. We are so sure you will love the moonshine from our stills, that we offer a 110% return guarantee. With unmatched hand made quality moonshine stills, an industry leading return policy, and top notch customer service, you can't go wrong combining our great company with your passion!

Father's Day

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Hey everyone, long time no see! I just checked the calendar and saw that summer is nearly upon us. Now is the perfect time to invest in one of our...

The New Year

Well I hope that everyone was able to have a fun and happy New Years. May whatever your resolution you made for this newest year come to fruition. I personally...